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Since Allen Bianchi established an architectural practice in 1993, his pursuit of building pure architectural space and expression has yielded a number of tranquil and inspiring environments. Complex requirements and needs are transformed into simple serene solutions. Simplicity, light, and open space lifts the spirit. Interiors flow to the exterior, expanding the experience. Detail and proportion give the buildings human scale and presence. Modern structures are inspired by the time we live in, as well as by the past. They are also inspired by the timelessness of nature.

Bianchi is a full service design firm, specializing in projects of integrity, quality, innovation and energy. Overseeing all aspects of the projects, from the initial conception of the designs to the finished construction, integration of the structure, landscape, interiors, and assembly is a key component of the work. The firm designs landscapes and interiors, as well as collaborates with other professionals to form a unified project. The firm has been based in Houston for a decade and has now expanded to the West Coast with the addition of Tiffany Allen in San Diego. The practice's talented staff employs the latest technologies available to study the projects before they are built, and to expedite the construction process. The firm's work is the materialization of its client's belief in architecture as art, and its potential to elevate quality of life.


Established architectural practice
Licensed Architect
Member of The American Institute of Architects
Guest critic - University of Houston
College of Architecture

Worked with: Carlos Jimenez, Ed Eubanks,
John Zemanek, Architects Alliance, FKP

University of Houston College of Architecture graduate

Carnegie Museum School of Art, Pittsburgh, PA


"Snapshot" Rice Design Alliance
Lawndale Art Center

Flight 93 National Memorial Competition

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